Thursday, September 11, 2008

excerpt from "95W," written October 3, 2001

It is funny that fatigues and camouflage prints are so popular now, especially since we are supposedly going to war. There are glitter fatigues and camo print thongs and bras and pink and blue and even purple camo prints. Don't ask where you'd blend in in something that color. But now you can look patriotic without even trying, like you're going to war like a real American.

I had thought about taking pictures of all the "God Bless America" signs popping up randomly everywhere. The best one I saw was in Indiana. To me, it sums up true American nationalism. The owners of a house right on the highway had taken paper cups and stuffed them into the chain link fences around their property. And on one fence the white cups spelled out "GOD BLESS AMERICA" and on the other fence it said, "KILL 'EM." Yup. Sounds very American to me.

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